7 Cannibal Tribes of The world's Most Dangerous

Here is a unique information from the seven most dangerous tribe of cannibals in the world that until now its presence still exists.

The Carib
The name of this tribe that became the term for people who eat other people. This note is the first tribe in the world who do practice cannibalism. By ordinary sailors called "The Carib people of the Lesser Antilles."

This name given by Columbus on his record with the name "caniba" (which is another word for Kariba which means "people who eat people").

The Caribbean tribes usually do cannibalism to the enemy, but since the introduction of Christianity there, the culture slowly began to disappear.

The Aztec
Aztecs no doubt as the most brutal tribes before the discovery of the American continent by Columbus. They do use a human sacrifice thousands each year. Victims are usually revoked his heart is still beating whilst in a state of life. Then his body to eat dishes made abuzz.

The Native Americans
In the early days of the conquest of the American continent, many historians recalled that Indian tribes in America to practice cannibalism. Although it is still a debate, but many who claim to have evidence kanibalesme practices by Indian tribes.

For example karankawa Indian tribes in Texas, in the year 1768 a priest who came from Spain to witness and record the ritual performed karankawa held hostage to the enemy. They surrounded the victim and in turn cut the skin / flesh of his victim and ate his victim in front of the eye.

The africans
This continent is a continent that still may be practiced cannibalism until recently. Although invisible never seen, many eyewitnesses reported the existence of human organ trading activities there.

Accompanied by evidence that many migrants missing while on vacation / pass there. Usually geng2 kidnappings carried out by criminals. Also mentioned, during the second Congo war and civil war in Liberia and Sierra Leone frequent acts of cannibalism there.

Cultural cannibalism is also known to have spread in the region and melanisia.sebagai example Polynesia, Fiji is known as a chieftain of the island of fiji kanibalisme.seorang admitted 875 people have been consuming and very proud of it.

The Korowai
Korowai tribe in Papua, Indonesia is known as the tribes that still remaining in the world and to cannibalism to the present. They usually eat his tribe member suspected of being witches. Usually they eat while still in a state of his brain warm. Their residence, usually located above the tall tree is useful to protect from his enemies.

The Maori
Maori in New Zealand is a tribe of cannibals who have documented very well. Cannibalism has been a part of Maori culture and they never stop to eat their enemies. When the British ship, The Boyd, anchored and the crew killed the son of the head of the Maori, the Maori warrior take revenge by killing and eating 66 crew of the ship. This event is finally known as the "body massacre."

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